It's Happening. Large Brand trying to buy their ENS domain

This week, I had a larger brand reach out, asking to buy their .eth name that I currently own.
Somewhat exciting to see this already… I told them to make an offer.


I just did some detective work and it looks like you’ve done a pretty decent amount of speculative domain purchases. Congrats, just remember that you have an opportunity to represent ENS well and how you handle the transaction could potentially make a large positive impact for all of us.


I agree. It’s amazing news for this community- Actual verification that larger brands are watching and interested.

I don’t know if you saw Budweiser’s name on Twitter


Yep. I’m guessing that news is what prompted this brand into looking into it further.

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What could be interesting is to see the alignment / commitment of the brands to the ecosystem development.

If there is a way to have a onboarding for brands who acquired these type of domains, it would help a lot.

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Hope you can provide a reasonable price, not a high price may scare them. Thanks

I’m in contact with the Australian artist management group Future Classic, hopefully I will be able to give their .eth name to them. Two of their artists Flume and Jonathan Zawada embraced NFTs early, so they seem like a good fit.


How did they reach you?
I mean what Chanel did they use?
E-mail? Opensea? Etherscan comments? Others?

Thank you.

I think ens domain is good for Individual than large brand. :laughing:

They sent an email to my husband. I had his domain name in the same wallet. I also had mine, but his name is easily searchable with Google and they located his email address that way. I’m sure they assumed he was the wallet holder.

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I told them I would sell it to them, and to make an offer. The person who reached out was a Senior Software Engineer with the company. His response was “We only wanted it for an internal hackathon, so if you’re looking to make a profit, we probably wouldn’t be interested. I’m not legal, so I’m not authorized to make an offer.”
I haven’t responded and don’t really plan to.

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I’m sure if you’d consider sending it to them for their hackathon, someone(s) here will be happy to compensate you for your out-of-pocket costs for the domain! That way an interested company gets involved in ENS and starts building things internally, which is awesome for ENS adoption.


I’m in the same boat as Nick. But the feeling is a bit of bilateral. On one hand: you we’re faster, smarter, more adaptive and bought the name. Most of the times we are talking about million to billion dollar companies.“They wouldn’t feel it, right?”

On the other hand: you want ENS to become as big as possible, with as much of adoption. If all the names have been swooped away from the ‘original’ companies, they might pass on the idea.


I saw KidRock.eth moved in Top10 Twitter followers. Congrats on the transfer!