I've been thinking about what could bring ensers together, be it instant messaging or ethMail?

We are often too busy with anything to ignore the ens community. If we have a daily application, then the news in our community will quickly spread to any ensers, so this tool is especially important! I thought about two tools to achieve the purpose

  1. Instant messenger
  2. ethMAIL (name@.eth)
    We can integrate the unread messages of the community into these two tools, and even send some important information to ENSERS, which I think is necessary for our community!

Of course mailboxes look light and pop more easily! We don’t have to be just for mass messaging, I hope I can use my eth name as a mailbox, when people enter web3 people will be attracted to this tool, I can’t describe its future more specifically, but I think it’s essential, and must be our official product

I also realize it’s reinventing the wheel, it would be a huge achievement if gmail favored our .eth name

There are a few applications and services for this already being built:

Since .eth isn’t part of the DNS-system though, using username@ensname.eth isn’t possible in a way that’s compatible with regular e-mail systems.

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