Japanese Characters bug

Hello. Japanese pokemon names have been growing recently and I decided to mint Mewtwo in japanese.


However, I am getting an invalid name error when trying to list this on third party platforms such as opensea.

There are many japanese pokemon names that don’t have this issue such as キュウコン.eth which is currently listed on opensea.

My mint is either not showing up or showing invalid name error with a red background.

Is this a bug and is there a way to fix this?

Looks like that’s this issue: Seemingly valid names are being reported as invalid by metadata service · Issue #71 · ensdomains/ens-metadata-service · GitHub

I am now getting a “Domain malformed” error?

Does this mean my ENS name will no longer be considered valid?

I assume this shouldn’t be the case considering Mewtwo is a legitimate name using the legitimate japanese alphabet?

That name is temporarily invalid according to the website / metadata service right now, because it’s using ultra-strict rules that mark too many names as invalid.

Devs are working on normalization updates for the UI and metadata service ENS Name Normalization - #90 by raffy

The code is not final, but you can use this live demo tool to get an idea of what will be valid or invalid ENS Resolver

Japanese names like that, including ones with the elongation character, should be valid:

That name should become valid again once the normalization changes are finished.

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Im having the same issue with my domain

Hi, I’ve already responded to your support ticket in the Discord (#general-7146) and you’ve received responses in the channel as well :slight_smile:

The name ベイリーフ.eth will most likely become valid again once the name normalization rules are finalized, it checks out fine in raffy’s resolver tool

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