Join the ENS Colony Experiment!

I’ve created a ENS DAO Colony.
I’m very interested in experimenting with different governance systems and Colony provides a few interesting advantages:

:point_right:JOIN THE ENS COLONY:point_left:

  • Very low fees thanks to gnosis chain (former xdai chain) allows us to do more on chain actions
  • With OmniBridge we can use main net token into it, so the ENS Colony native token is ENS bridged to Gnosis
  • Colony allows subgroups to be created which allow you to earn reputation in these subgroups
  • Actions are not taken by vote but rather by staking your reputation, which you get in the multiple subgroups.

I believe the only way to experiment these things is to go and try them out, which is why I went ahead and built it. This should not be considered an official DAO governance system, and right now it will not be asking for any DAO funds. I have pledged to donate $200 per integration of ENS in the ecosystem and I will start funding this colony with these funds, which now has an “integrations” subgroup inside. I still have admin of the group, but if this grows I will be sharing that responsibility with other stewards.


Looks interesting, unfortunately I have no xDai to claim my username and join the colony :slight_smile:

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check your xdai balance now


Thank you ser. You’re too kind.
Just joined the colony!


Will get some DAI from FTX tomorrow and bridge

check your xdai balance now

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Dear all no DAI to join the colony, please assist. Chai.eth

That’s very kind of you :smiling_face_with_tear:

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lfg, just joined, lets experiment it :fire:

@AvsA will the bounty will be paid immediately once the integration got merged or it will be paid by the end of the month?

I’m not sure, but once you get some reputation on the integrations team I think you’ll be able to pay yourself by staking your own reputation points in it.

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On Chai.eth is now the Leper Colony. Please join.

I’ve joined! Is it possible to get a quick rundown on what we mere peons can do to help bootstrap things?


Where do we register the irony?
…Colony uses “gated usernames”:


A selection of Colony’s current functionality.


Forget illegible blockchain account addresses:
Colony lets you register a free, unique decentralised username to simplify collaboration.