Just published Push 2 ENS! Donate anything to ANY website using ENS!

I just published a thread on twitter about my little holiday project: PUSH2ENS. Here’s a condensed version of that:

Push to ENS is a main net contract that allows anyone to push ether, tokens or NFTs to any ENS, including ones that haven’t been set up yet (for normal DNS for example). You can find the address on etherscan by looking for push2ens.eth

All actions are cancellable (but code is not audited so don’t put too much on it).

There’s no UI yet, but thanks to Natspec, the code is all properly commented and explained. If someone wants to help build a UI, contact me and we can arrange something.

This is a great way to separate good intentioned people from squatters: if you bought a name with the intention of giving it to the proper person, you can now gift directly to their website. If they contact you, you can still withdraw it and give them personally.

It also can work as a great bounty to get main websites on ENS. If there’s a huge donation for wikipedia.org then it might push them to import their DNS into ENS!


Can you push an ENS to PUSH2ENS? :thinking:


Of course! On the thread I explain how I gifted ens names to scihub and the internet archive websites.


Very cool work!

Something that will impact this that I just announced is gasless DNS integration.

We could potentially make this integration still support ‘pushing’ records to ENS on L1 for backwards compatibility with systems like this, but it may be more effective to instead update this solution to be CCIP-read compatible, so it can receive and verify the necessary DNS proofs itself.


That’s a great idea. Good job :slight_smile:

Right now the system pushes to an internal balance that holds for a contract until the record points to something on L1. But I could add another option that would allow you to withdraw to an address by providing proof. I’ll keep an eye on this development!