Land of ENS in Metaverse


Land address that contains the coordinates of the property (or properties) owned in the metaverse, attached to the .eth name?

I am not fully sure about it.

I’m curious what this word means to you.

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I think it makes sense to get a lot in Decentraland. They also already use ENS for their user names I believe. We could also man the location during events, etc. I would be happy to design and build the structure. We could also have some NFTs on display as well.


Sure thing it is. On that way that would be excellent.

Metaverse means the land of opportunities for me. And what does it mean for you?

I find this to be a fun idea. Either something small like an “ENS tower” where users ENS NFT’s could be displayed similar to the times square-billboard,

Or something larger which could serve more as a meeting ground for the ENS community and others.

Do you have something specific in mind?


I envision that ENS public goods could fund artists and creatives to launch projects using subdomains as NFTs, e.g. “nightfall.etto.eth”. Then the works could be featured in the ENS metaverse headquarters. The goal would be to promote ENS domains as NFTs. We could also have member avatars on the outside of the structure similar to the times square installation.


I believe we should think and about how will be embedded the real world in the metaverse (the representation of it) and how will be used .eth in doing this. Most probably, some companies will be interested to be easily found in the metaverse, regardless of which platform will be used. Can be .eth a solution for this?