.li as a ccTLDs, also as the most popular last names of China (more than 100 million people) should be supported

here is unsupported country-code TLDs (based on link):

ae, ai, al, ao, aq, as, ba, bb, bd, bf, bh, bi, bj, bn, bo, br, bs, bv, cd, cf, cg, ch, ci, ck, cm, cu, cv, cw, cy, cz, dj, dm, do, dz, ec, eg, er, et, fj, fk, fm, ga, gb, ge, gf, gg, gh, gm, gp, gq, gt, gu, gw, gy, hm, ht, im, iq, ir, it, je, jm, jo, kh, km, kn, kp, kw, kz, li, ls, ly, mc, md, mh, mk, ml, mo, mp, mq, mr, ms, mt, mu, mv, mw, mz, ne, ng, ni, np, nr, nu, om, pa, pf, pg, ph, pk, pn, ps, py, qa, rs, rw, sd, sk, sl, sm, so, sr, ss, st, sv, sy, sz, tc, td, tg, tj, tk, to, tr, tz, ua, uz, va, ve, vg, vi, vu, ye, zw

As the most popular last names of China (more than 100 million people) , .li should be supported in ENS.


it’s the lack of DNSSEC support on each tld so I don’t think it’s something we can do about it.

It looks like this is already supported (here is source):

And here is a DNSSEC-enabled checker for .li domains: CDS Status Check - Security - NIC Liechtenstein

In addition to DNSSEC support. it also has to use one of the supported encryption algorithms specified at https://github.com/ensdomains/ens-contracts/tree/master/contracts/dnssec-oracle/algorithms . looks like DNSSEC Analyzer - nic.li uses ECDSAP256SHA256 which I will check if we now support or not (we added a few new algorithms).

Even easier way to check if li is already supported (if you have any .li domain) is to test registering using testnet like Goerli

yeah, I own .li domain.

I tried it on Goerli testnet and it does not support the “.li” domain declaration. However, on the ropsten testnet, it worked.

I wonder to know the difference between registering a domain name on a testnet or main network?

@matoken.eth I’m still confused :slightly_smiling_face:.