Lifetime domain by NFT like unstoppbledomains


what do you think of this

Here the people buy one time the domain and have the control of it lifetime by NFT.

Now ENS (.eth) is NFT but require continue renew and the very problem dont is the 5$ but the gas that in most case is very expansive.

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The renewals are for the long-term health of the namespace.


Hello Leon, yes but in this mode have a domain is more expansive. No lifetime? Ok, but 10-20 years old with one registration, after that if expired return to ENS.

That’s how the current system works. You can register for multiple years at registration so some people do register 10,100, or even 1000 years.

Hello, yes but unstoppbledomains pay one time for lifetime, ENS dont is lifetime. For me is a very good incentive for expand the public and the use (mass adoption).

Just because our competitor use one time fee isn’t the convincing reason that we should do as well. The system may encourage more purchase but may also encourage squatting which we want to prevent

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I used to think that same thing, too, but: No, there MUST be an expiration date.

If the private keys holding the “rose.crypto” NFT is lost, then that name will be lost forever. (No other domain would smell as sweet.) If Blockchain Domains are lost over a factor of time, …then the “liquidity pool” of NFTs would decrease, and this would harm all users (current & future); and damage the quality of the network effect.

The reoccurring fees helps all ENS names, by helping the protocol, …by having a mechanism to reintroduce “lost” NFTs, (back into the “liquidity pool” of ENS names).

NOTE: I think the RISK is: IF , the seven ENS Keyholders increase registration costs, “at all”, …or change the rules of registration, requirements, or ownership.

Crypto is not about Fast or Cheap,
…It is about immutability & community.
The fast & cheap are great, but Immutability & Community are Primary Keys.


For this exact reason we forked ENS and created

All code is open source:

You can register a .forever domain and never have to renew it.

Even better it uses real DNS and you can resolve it using https (TLSA) without even needing to trust a Certificate Authority!

Easy to resolve the names using our open source resolver called Fingertip: Impervious | Fingertip

Since you can pay ahead as many years as you want, you can pay once and have a .eth name for life. ENS also gives you the option to pay less to try out a name for a shorter period of time.


You can also get a free or cheap subdomain at or and only pay gas fees once, with no renewals ever.

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