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Hello ENS community!

This is my first post, please go easy!

It seems to me that the key to ENS becoming the .com equivalent relies on us capitalising on current momentum and helping as many big businesses and brands secure their ENS now. The decision makers at c-suite / elite MBA level tend to spend their time on linkedIn and clearly (intentionally) miss out on all the amazing content on crypto twitter.

I think there is a need for us to engage professionals in linkedIn, and so I have started a company/channel all on my own with a view to making some content.

Would love to see others engage, and create content for the platform. Today’s article…

All feedback appreciated, I have had an ENS domain since the day after airdrop :frowning: but have only realised the true potential of what you are building over the last month. I am trying to educate and add value every day.




Welcome David, a nice post to begin with and there are lots of clever people to learn from, around here :smiley:

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Thanks Neal. That is why I am here, try to surround myself with people smarter than me!


I think its a great idea try to already engage companies into buying/securing their domain.

We need more people involved. Welcome!

Thank you 04233 :v: appreciate the positive vibes. I’ll keep working on my knowledge base and content until they are both excellent & by the time the market is heating up i’ll be able to add value.

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Welcome to the forum David, this is a great first post :slight_smile:

One issue I see with this is that as a professional you don’t always want to list crypto-things on your CV, and so not on your LinkedIn either.

For example, in my CV when I’m applying to non-crypto related jobs I leave out two things currently:

  1. Non-profit work (to not be perceived as an activist)
  2. Crypto work (because cryptocurrency polarizes a lot of people)

In corporate culture right now, cryptocurrency is very polarizing and not something you necessarily want to advertise your involvement in, especially not if you’re looking for jobs.


This is a great point cthulu. It was only this last week that I decided to both update my linkedin profile with crypto related commentary and start talking about web3 content.

I was scared to do so for a long time. In the end I need to be comfortable with who I am, and who I want to be professionally. Hopefully this bravery will pay off, I am looking for opportunities in crypto and fintech in the UK having recently quit a legacy finance position to find something that gets me hyped about work in the morning!