Linking ETH address to forum handle

We are building a feature at Karma for contributors to link their forum handle to their ETH address by posting a signed message to the forum. We would like to use this topic thread for that purpose. Please let me know if this is not the right place for it :pray:


There is already SIWE integration here on the forums where you can link your ETH account, so it kinda seems like that should already be possible, though I don’t know how or if it can be publicly verified

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It’s not possible with the current integration, but is definitely something we’d like to see.

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Well I’m not sure if you wanted anything fancy but

Verifying serenae.eth on the ENS forums

  "address": "0x29a82e07b96c405ac99a8023f767d2971546de70",
  "msg": "0x566572696679696e6720736572656e61652e657468206f6e2074686520454e5320666f72756d73",
  "sig": "c2b6db169fec4ea3b1abdb1ed79179e76cb1c1757c9ccf0cd386ce5d7a5008007a786900b60b87ebb43bf14308a82c4ec0105cf67da91e77f00e2399ed42b5ee01",
  "version": "3"

Verifying my forum identity for ENS governance addr:0xf768f5F340e89698465Fc7C12F31cB485fFf98D2

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Can you float an RFP for this? I know someone who’d love this kind of stuff :innocent::fuelpump::rocket:

  "address": "0xC4Dc1D6b0B226D982d99A8d948C0BC408E2Fc543",
  "msg": "Hello",
  "sig": "0xf57bf51951f3b0126fdf8ab83c67b590712126fa0fdc2f5364435b297824459b0867cca3ed7ef24eeb6f7caba25444394df5be47d857d348370a27bdd3e7d89c1c",
  "version": "2"

PS. Use this to sign MyCrypto - Ethereum Wallet Manager

I suggest making this into an NFT badge. I think it is important for users to be able to keep track of actions which affect their privacy profile. is working on something like this for zk proof attestations. The badges could be added to a profile page. With Web2 actions which affect privacy happen all the time without letting the user know, with Web3 there should be a way to see a history of every action which has affected the privacy of an account, and those actions should be voluntary.

Verifying my forum identity for ens governance addr: 0xb55c20a9883b2866486d345d754e73290cf444ce sig: 0x582449477dcb0ca43e50bf6e4d37289e1c63ee9c97e263d5ff1e25e97e304c196db4e8a2d5963231733157119c2664b17343c994748adba0f2cde2b0b2b3ba8d1b #ensgovernance

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