Login with .Eth on major platforms?

Is there any interest in getting a business development manager to outreach to major social media to get a login with .eth and have it verified?

Maybe reach out to instragram, reddit, FB, comment boards on newspapers, and any of the top 10 or 20 lists, and see if they have any interest? If so, what is the bottleneck? If they don’t have a dev team to allocate to do it, maybe ENS could hire devs to build for them or create the code, etc. Otherwise, if they have objections to it (ie cant mine or sell the data of user etc.), then this would be good to know. Maybe leads to investing / creating a web3 social media? Makes sense to first try to integrate with existing platforms and see what they view as pros and cons , etc. How we can make it easy for them.

The architecture of web2 and web3 is not the same, and if you cannot bind the hash address, this login has no practical meaning.

Thanks, I was thinking that it would allow you to own your username or verify it. So you can take that username across wherever else has the ability to verify it.

At some later time, if there is a way to have your followers and who you follow also tied to .eth or blockchain, then wherever you go, you can easily add or follow them across platforms if you wish.

just thinking out loud.

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