Looks like we're going to be up against Amazon

Amazon Web Services is making moves into our space. Choose your delegates wisely frens

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That’s cute. Bring it on.


At first sight of the article, I was thinking that is an ex. employee of Amazon that has joined UD. ENS should study Amazon’s strategy. Amazon also has competitors and those competitors can be ENS partners if they align with ENS core values. Also, we can see that Amazon validated the value proposition of UD, the main competitor of ENS.

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Likely just further proof there wont be an Unstoppable Domains airdrop or governance token. It will be interesting to see how centralized web3 projects fair against “equivalent” Self-Governed Decentralized web3 projects.

I have no doubt which way it will go, but this will be a great case study on both sides and I’m sure both sides will have lessons to learn from the other.