Magic🪞.eth - Browse and Build native Web3

GM ENS. First time poster, long-time builder.

I wanted to introduce the our ENS heavy web3 browsing and building tool, magic🪞.eth.

Magic🪞 is a self-contained Web3 browser that can be instantiated inside of any typical browser or application browser view, making it an incredibly versatile tool.

Think of this as the Google moment of Web3. The interface is incredibly intuitive, much like the search/address bar of Google. By simply inputting an ETH domain such as 0x0z.eth, or Vitalik.eth, users can easily access the active content for that ENS domain. But that’s not all, with Magic🪞, users can even skip the .eth and directly jump into marketplaces like by typing And this is just the beginning.

Magic🪞 means to normalize consent based browsing for a reconnecting world and reset the foundation of the internet.

Features / Tools:
:gear:settings.eth - Manage your Magic​:mirror: experience and settings such as your decentralized storage options such as IPFS, Web3.Storage, NFT.Storage, your mirror’s theme or Frame, authorized wallets and many more.

Dream🎨.eth Studio - The most magical way to create your own decentralized websites and add more power to your Web3 domains. It’s a powerful tool that makes digital content creation incredibly easy and seamless by simply selecting what template you want to execute and fill in the blanks!

:robot:Army.eth - Magic​:mirror: integrates the power of AI building along side you, Websites, Landing Pages, Marketplaces via :infinity:Mint.eth Integration, and vast monetization methods enabled by our Ethereum Ads Service (:placard:EADS.eth), a new Web is at our fingertips!

:candy:Land.eth - Web3 Landscaping and Property Management Services! Manage all of the builds, on all of your properties, all in one place.

:toolbox:time.eth - An evolving set of powertools for your Web3 browsing and ENS MGMT experience.

:fire::one::zero::zero:.eth - The fairest domains of them all. See whos rising above the stars with our ENS Leaderboards!

:round_pushpin:egps.eth - In Web3 :vulcan_salute: marks the spot. Keep track of your journey, your assets and your favorite things both IRL and URL. (History)

Much more to come! This tool is a direct result of the ENS airdrop and would like to thank the DAO for the opportunity. We had a space to talk about Magic🪞 last week if you want to learn a bit more about us and the genesis of the dapp:

Magic🪞.eth Twitter Spaces

We have another one this week for our other tool set :infinity:mint.eth. Next 0x0z Twitter Space

Happy to field any questions here. Still fresh so pardon any lapse in response. :pray:


Can you expand on how this works? ENS isn’t just .eth, and removing the .eth will create conflicts with other valid domains.

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Currently we are only working with ENS domains, specifically .eth only. We will solve for the conflicts once we enable other valid domains.

The repo for the project is here:

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