Make a wish | project based on ENS

Hello ENS enthusiasts and blockchain community, :dizzy:

:star2: I would like to introduce you to a project based on ENS. You might have heard of the magical time 11:11 – a moment when, as the clock strikes this time, people often encourage making a wish, symbolizing a start of new beginnings and the realization of dreams.

:star2: Our project supports both the Ethereum and Polygon networks, known for their security, decentralization, fast transactions, and lower fees. This gives you the freedom to choose in which network you would like to register your wish, considering your personal needs. While Ethereum is our primary network, we are open to the possibility of adding more networks in the future. I think every wish price will be between ~5-10 USD.

:fire: :fire: :fire: How to make a wish: :fire: :fire: :fire:

  1. Make a wish:

  2. Upload an image:

  3. Click β€œPost a wish”:

  4. Final step:

Claimed Wish: etherscan link

:fire: :fire: :fire: How to claim your ENS subdomain: :fire: :fire: :fire:

  1. Open claim page:

  2. You can find the Token ID on the etherscan website:

  3. Now we can begin:

  4. Claim subdomain:

Claimed subdomain: etherscan link

:star2: By following these steps, you become a member of our exclusive community. Now it’s your turn to join and show that your wishes are unique and how they can become wonderful. All NFT images and descriptions are stored offchain in the IPFS system, ensuring that even in the event of server outages, your wishes will remain and everyone can promote referral link and earn ether/matic. 1 wish = ~0.75$

:star2: I am planning to incorporate a clock into the website that will display each owner’s avatar with the indicated time.

:fire: I look forward to your suggestions on how we can improve this project. Is there something we could do to make it more impressive? Perhaps together we can create something new and beneficial for our entire community. Do you think the project is worth continuing? Your opinion is greatly valued!

Learn more:
Twitter(X): @11h11eth
24h club collection:

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