Making use of ENS reverse record strategy on Snapshot is one of the most popular off-chain voting sites with over 500 projects making various governance-related votings. They make heavy use of ENS (all their new spaces are now ENS names and show ENS reverse record of voters).

I have recently created a strategy which allows users who have set ENS reverse record to vote on the topics.

Below is the demo voting, which I conducted here.

Even though Snapshoot has no on-chain enforcement, I think this is a good way to get our community sentiment as ENS reverse record is mostly used for actively using ENS names. Also, only one ETH address can associate one name, making it less favourable to users with lots of ENS names (though it is game-able).

I would like to have some community’s feedback on what kind of topics would be interesting/suitable.

Here are a few of my ideas.

  • Vote on “Most contributing DAPPs to ENS” and give grants according to the voting result.
  • Getting community sentiment on whether squatters contribute positively to the ENS ecosystem (to get sentiment).
  • Vote on “Most dedicating ENS community member” and give some NFTs.

Actually, that’s no longer the case.
We Gnosis recently released a Snapshot plugin, called SafeSnap, that allows for permissionless execution of transactions specified in, and approved by, Snapshot proposals.

It uses the same Oracle mechanism as the Omen prediction market, Reality.eth, to verify the results of the off-chain vote and allow execution of a given set of transactions only in the case that the oracle reports that the proposal passed.

I’d be very interested in using this setup to either allocate grants funding or to act as the owner of a funding round using something like

How much bond is required to have high degree of certainty that the Oracle behaves as expected?

I’d guess that it is somewhat dependent on the current gas costs. Essentially, it needs to be high enough that it covers the cost of the second user’s transaction and effort; enough to motivate someone to both pay attention and correct any incorrect outcomes. Rough guess at current gas prices is maybe 0.1 ETH.

Are there any way to figure out if someone is actually paying attention? Does Omen prediction market have someone constantly watching if new proposal come in?

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Best bet would be to independently set up notifications using something like OZ sentinel (could push to email, Discord, Telegram, etc).

Another option, if the Reality.eth Oracle is not the right fit, is to use a DAO (Colony, Aragon, DAOstack, Moloch, Compound, etc) on L2 to control a safe on L1 using the amb-module^ that we built last week.

^note: it’s brand new and totally untested / unaudited. Wait for an official release before using it for anything valuable.

Always ‘test in prod’ :joy: