Malformed Domain Renewal

Suppose I have a malformed domain consisting of a single emoji with only 2 codepoints.

From what I can see, ENS app will not allow me to renew the domain or set records.

Can I renew such malformed domains by directly interacting with the contract?

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Yes you can although please do take caution when interacting directly with the contract and make sure you enter the correct inputs. The contract will likely return an error if you have the wrong inputs anyway for the most part. You can do this on Etherscan.

From the information I got from the ENS Discord, the app (as well as the v3 alpha) it is in “strict” mode which means it doesn’t reflect the validation results output on the ENS Resolver. I recommend you check your domains against the resolver and if it tells you that your domain is valid then it’s likely going to be accessible/configurable in the update(upcoming?).


As a follow up, I am being told that it is impossible for such a domain with only 2 codepoints to have been registered, and that any “true single emoji” domain must contain zero width joiners.

I was under the impression that at one point there was a bug which allowed for malformed domains with less than 3 points to be registered. Am I incorrect?

Which domain is it exactly? I’m curious to find out more.

I can see that there is more than just the emoji there, but I can’t parse out if it’s under three chars, nor can I tell if I am properly duplicating the domain for testing my assumption.

Also, regardless of whether this specific domain contains less than 3 chars, was I correct in my belief that at one time domains with less than 3 chars could be registered as malformed domains?

No, it’s not possible. Emojis can be encoded as multiple Unicodes, and some emojis displayed as a “single character” are actually a combination of unicodes: Full Emoji List, v14.0, those with 3+ unicodes can be registered.

That malformed emoji you’re referring to was registered as puny code and is interpreted as the emoji on the front-end.

It would be better if @raffy or anyone who understands this field better can provide an input to this topic.

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And there was no such bug which broke this rule?

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I understand the details for that specific domain now.
Some people in the community, including myself, were under the impression that at some point, domains containing less than the 3 char minimum were allowed to be registered. Setting aside punycode, zero width joiners, and other “hidden” characters, was there ever a point, now or in the past, at which domains with less than 3 characters were allowed to be pushed thru as malformed registrations? Either directly through the contract or using the ENS front end?

No, that has never been possible.


Thank you! :grinning: