Marketing Idea: ENS miniature mascot

Inspired by

a) @AvsA giving out pins to ENS community members at various conferences
b) @nick.eth wanting a beer.eth can from Budweiser USA sent over to NZ

I wonder if we could come up with an ENS miniature mascot that community members can pass to each other when they meet at conferences, sort of like a decentralised Olympic torch. The mascot could travel across continents, provide feel good vibes on social media, etc etc. It’s all under 500$ to get a good mascot doll made. You could possibly tie it to fundraising for social causes. It’s a tried and tested method that works well in global communities. One could even have a team of mini mascots getting passed around in cyclic graphs within ENS community


My current side project, Xenium, is a physical token that lets you prove ownership onchain. I’d be happy to contribute one for people to pass around, making it possible to prove you’ve been in posession of it to claim an NFT.

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Yes please! Anyone coming to DevConnect from NZ? Surely @alisha.eth? :rocket: Any place I can find some basic info about Xenium to see what fun stuff is possible?