Master Compatibility Lists

Is there a master list of verified wallets or services that have ENS integration?

The main website has a [from what I understand complete] list of wallets and services with ENS integration: (scroll down, it’s easy to miss) :slight_smile:


I’m aware of that. I am looking for a document. Like .csv, xls, etc.

I’m not sure that there is one. Shouldn’t take more than 20 min to write down what’s on the frontpage in an excel sheet though :slightly_smiling_face:

@accessor.eth I had an extra 20 minutes, so I decided to put it together for you. Here is the link to the Google Sheet


Here’s the JSON file that the integrations list on the home page reads from:


Thanks @gregskril

Thanks @mcbosserton I’ve been a little busy lately.

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OMG this list…wow. i didn’t realize.

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