May 24 Public Goods Meeting

We meet every Tuesday. Join us next time at 5PM GMT..

Meetings notes posted to Notion:


  • [ ] Propose Metaphor lead developing a prop house for ENS?
  • [x] Gitcoin GR14
    From @owocki: “Gitcoin is refocusing on Ethereum core infrastructure in GR14. What would have to be true for ENS to consider contributing to that campaign?”
  • [x] Protocol Guild update
  • [x] Social Media Bounty update
  • [x] Prepare for townhall keynote later


  • RicMoo
  • Makoto
  • Alisha
  • Anthony Ware
  • Sumedha
  • Carlos Diaz-Padron


  • Alisha mentions the new scammer airdrops that have sprung since we have open-sourced the claims apps UI – which we held off to do until it was over precisely because of that.
  • Townhall meeting: Take them through the Notion Website.
  • Social Media bounty: will be looking at more funding options including Ethereum Foundation Ecossytem Grants to add for the bounty. Need to take a look more closely at Lens protocol to see how much they comply. Will set up a call with Lens later.
  • Protocol Guild: current proposal is to set up aside 100k ENS locked for a 1 year period as a pilot. If it works we would set aside another 400k vested on aother 4 years. Waiting for them to finalize numbers. Lido is committed for 2M LIDO, Uniswap is still under discussion.
  • Gitcoin Round: maybe do similar to the Protocol Guild, but for projects in the ethereum infrastructure. Brief discussion between streams and lump sums.
  • Alisha is submitting a proposal for USD$42k for the ecosystem round of GR14 from the Public Goods budget.
  • We had a longer discussion with Carlos from Metaphor about creating an UI for fast approving of small grants based on Snapshot backend and inspired by Noun’s Prop House. We agreed to give him about 10k USDC to build it.