Meeting | Analytics & Research subWG

Date : 24 May 2022

Time : 17:30 CET | 16:30 BST | 11:30 EDT | 03:30 NZST | 08:30 PDT | 15:30 UTC

Meeting Link :

Attendees : @inplco (host), @mmurthy, @fig, and possibly @cthulu.eth @5pence @matoken.eth @noturhandle, and others may join

Agenda :

Context: Due to my inefficient reading of EP4, I misjudged the elections timing. Elections will be held June 10, and not the end of month. The governance report doesn’t need to be expedited but the health cards are, if possible. So let’s catch up on a quick 30 minute call and iron out some things.


I am interested in attending but the calendly seems to allow picking one time. Isn’t it better to be able to pick the range of available times? I am mostly free 10am~6pm BST (UTC+1)


Surprising! I have allowed for 7:00–19:00 CET. I will have a look.
Edit: I can see and select all times available @matoken.eth

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Just indicated tomorrow or Thursday AM (ET) works best for me!


I’ll be attending or at the very least listening in as well, any of the times suggested is fine by me.


Same for me. I’d love to join and I can be pretty flexible this week before 10am eastern.

@inplco - I selected a time in Calendly, but I can probably also match what works for @fig and @cthulu.eth. No need to work around me specifically.


The call is scheduled TODAY, 24 May for 30 minutes at 17:30 CET | 16:30 BST | 11:30 EDT | 03:30 NZST | 08:30 PDT | 15:30 UTC. Post is updated.

PS. This meeting is right before the IPFS Pinning Service call which starts at 18:00 CET

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Hi - I’m interested to listen to this conversation. I’ll be in the chat!

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