Metamask Smart Transactions

hey there,

I cannot post in the development board so I thought I will do it here.

I by accident enabled “Smart Transactions” feature in my Metamask Wallet.

and then noticed that ENS registrations became more unreliable especially on mobile. I think the problem is that the UI doens’t receive the commit TX hash which means that you may get stuck as ENS regs need 3 Steps

  1. commit
  2. wait
  3. register

we noticed that as well on our UI on vision.

So I went and tried to replicate on the official

I tried to refresh during the commit phase and got stuck in the as well. It then wanted me to commit again (after I did commit/refresh/wait 60 seconds) which lead me to commit a commitHash that was already commit aka it failed.

I couldn’t finish but paid basically twice (for commit) without getting the name I wanted.

Just wanted to bring this up - for now we just show a warning for pple that they should not use this feature as it may lead to potentially paying for commits that never result in a successful registration.

any thoughts / etc ?

thank you!

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