Mission Statement Brainstorming Session


  1. All attendees are encouraged to come up with 1-3 sample mission statements before hand
  2. Everyone shares those statements
  3. We debate and come up with 2-5 options to get feedback from broader community

Scribe: slobo.eth will act as a scribe unless someone else volunteers.

Zoom Meeting Link: TBD


I really wanted to attend this event but I am now unable to because of other obligations. I hope it is a great discussion and I will look forward to hearing all about it.

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Yes I would like to listen in … Please send me the zoom link

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Zoom Link for Tomorrow: Launch Meeting - Zoom


[x-post from the discord]

The main thing I am undecided on is just how much the statement should appeal to those who know absolutely nothing about web3, versus those already involved. I don’t want it to just be vague aspirational fluff, but I also don’t want it to be overly technical to the point that it alienates the “average joe/jane.” Finding that balance between explaining it “like the reader is 5 years old” vs including more technical details with terms like Web3, decentralized identity, etc. that likely only those already in the know would understand. This is also important to consider for those with limited English ability, and for how the statement might be interpreted/translated in other languages. Since ENS is for everyone, I think a careful balance between these two approaches is paramount.


Well a mission statement should not need to be too technical. It isnt a description of the underlying technology, but a statement about what said technology is attempting to accomplish. It should be a simple, understandable statement which covers the problem said solution solves, and how/why. Anything else is simply expanding upon that. Technical details should be left to the user(s) who wish to find out more after reading the mission statement:

ENS - Ethereum Name Service
Foundation of your web3 Identity - creating identities for every being no matter their situation or location