Multiple registration .ETH with one time GAS

Hi, does anybody know if it is possible to register 5 domains and to pay one gas fee? Or It is only possible to pay gas fee for every registration?

Right now you have to do each one separately. That is supposed to be enough friction to hopefully discourage bots, scalpers, flippers, etc. Also important to note… the gas to register an eth domain used to be about $0.01.

Thanx, got it. Maybe you can advise what does it mean:
Extending the registration of a name you do not own does not give you ownership of it.
If I choose to extend what does it mean?

That means extend the expiration date. For example, if your domain expires next month, you can choose to extend it so you don’t lose that domain name.

Ok, thanx! these domains are used only to make wallet address more simple and there is no other case for using this service, right?

A .eth domain name can link to just about anything including crypto wallets, centralized and decentralized websites, social media, etc.