My .eth address defaults to coinbase wallet on metamask

Weird things going on with Metamask and my .eth address! If I’m on say, Uniswap the wallet on Uniswap says its connected to Metamask but the wallet address shown is not my Metamask wallet address…it’s my .eth address and for some reason it sends the transaction to my coinbase wallet. Also, the amount of ethereum shown to trade is the amount in my Coinbase wallet not my Metamask wallet. Then when I purchase something it does not show up in my Metamask wallet but instead shows up in my Coinbase wallet. When I open my Metamask icon in toolbar it shows not connected. Does anyone have any ideas as to what is going on?

disconnect your coinbase wallet first

Thanks K…I’ve tried and it keeps defaulting and doesn’t give the metamask wallet as an option. Do you have any suggestions for disconnecting? I’m paddling fast but still a beginner.