My story for the airdrop and EP2 missing airdrop

Hello, I would like to report my edge case and I am not in this “missing airdrops” list. here is my situation.
Many year ago, I owned a ENS domain with address A, after some time, I think it is safer to set resolve to a completely new address(e.g. address B, no transaction at all), then, I just want to use it as my main receiving address for other people, and I don’t use it for myself. During that time, I even try to promote this cool thing to my friends, but at last, no friend buy a ENS domain or send me any ETH, the address B still has no transaction.
Now, even the first airdrop was executed, I found out I only receive some ENS for the address A, but nothing for address B.
Because address B has no transaction even during “EP2 vote for missing airdrops”, my address B still don’t include in this “missing airdrops”.

After I noticed this EP2, and ask my tech friend, I found out the empty transaction address may not be found in the query. So I make a transaction today(2 Dec 2021) and hope my situation is eligible to this airdrop.

I really respect what ENS community did for the edge case. I know my case is not the worse case, but, please feel good to take a look, thanks!

my address: 0x21AFF9C8F6Bd56ae6A6c70eEfbb6cB8145b39a15

I also post this story on the related GitHub:

Hi Erichi,
Because address A was the “Registrant/Controller Address” it has received the airdrop indeed.
Address B isn’t eligible for the airdrop, neither for the edge case I’m afraid because the edge cases handle a different situation [EP2].
If you had set a Primary ENS Name (Reverse Record) you would’ve been eligible for it.
Probably (you then did the same as I did :wink: ) you edited the record to your other wallet. If this is the case you aren’t on the list for receiving [EP2]. It worked yes, but it still shows this in your when connected to the right wallet.

Primary ENS Name (reverse record): not set
No ENS names have their ETH Address records set to this address.

Have a nice day!


first of all, thank you for your reply.

now, I know this is my situation:
Address A: owner/control of xxx.eth , had set “resolver” xxx.eth to address B
Address B: primary ENS name not set (for security, I only use it as my receiving address, not interact with it at all, but it is my only address for one ENS name, in fact, it is one-to-one relationship between address B and xxx.eth …)
Observation: type in “XXX.eth” in receiving ETH address, show “address B”
Address B is not included in airdrop…