MyEtherWallet stuck on "Read only"

When I connect MyEtherWallet it is stuck on “Read Only”, and I’m unable to change any records for my domains. I tried clearing the cookies, using incognito, and other browsers. It works on MetaMask but I have those NFTs on MEW.


Are you able to try through the internal MEW browser?
Also make sure MEW is the latest version.

A decent amount of MEW users report strange issues connecting and editing records.

It should also be possible to export the private key for MEW and import into Metamask. But as always, never give out your private key to anyone, and be careful doing this step.

If you need more help, feel free to create a support ticket in ENS Discord:
Or message the official ENS Twitter support account: @ens_support


I’m having the same problem. I’ll let you know how I resolve it

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I managed to solve it by migrating to MetaMask


@RyzFA Thank you for circling back and updating. Info will help others hopefully as well. :slight_smile:

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