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Ape Score - Find Underpriced ENS names with data

Hi frENS, we released a Major update to which includes Scoring of names in Clubs of Names, Emojis, English Words & digits.

A couple other things we did

  1. New Club Specific Info like number of names in grace and number of owners
  2. Categories for Emoji
  3. Made the site load fast

Appreciate any comments and do let me know if the score helps you score some grails.

Detailed blogpost here:


Our first update of 2023: Allow users to buy names in a single transaction across multiple marketplaces like NameApes, Opensea, Looksrare, X2Y2 and ENS Vision. Users enjoy 17% less gas when bundling a purchase. The cart also allows user to shortlist names they want to buy before checking out.

Full Blog Post here: Buy Cart: Find and Buy ENS names

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We are excited to launch the listing and sell side of our marketplace. We are looking for beta testers who is willing to give us feedback. In return, we prepared a subdomain for testers (000.eapes.eth to 999.eapes.eth) which allows for 0% trading fee forever.

  1. Bulk List to Opensea, LooksRare and ENS Vision
  2. 0% trading fee for whitelisted members
  3. See which clubs your names belong to and where they are listed at

Please comment below with your wallet address/ENS and we will send the subdomain over.

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are you just manually creating the subdomains?

It might be good to add and also.

Yes. We don’t expect to give out more than 99 of the beta testing.

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Let me know if you’re interested in issuing out transferable subdomains.

Update for ENS Bulk Registration and Search

The ENS bulk registration feature has been enabled on NameApes. You may now register a list of domains in a single transaction to save time and gas fees.

We also revised the two step UX a bit to hopefully let new users have a better idea. Registration is a two step process (Reserve & Payment)

The first step is to reserve. In this step, a small amount of ETH will be sent and then a 60 second timer will start right away as the next step loads.

The second step is the payment. In this step, most of the cost will be sent. The names will be registered and transferred to your wallet only after the payment is complete.

I would like thank and leave a special note to predomain (predomain) / Repositories · GitHub for referencing their Bulk Registration smart contract.

Try ENS Bulk Search and Registration at

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