Namespace L2 Grant Application to ETH Foundation

Gm gm everyone! :saluting_face: :coffee:

My team and I (Namespace) yesterday applied for an L2 grant from Ethereum Foundation. Our grant proposal is related to the ENS.

Proposal TL;DR

We are looking into how to build an API that would allow other developers to integrate our suite of tools with other L2 chains (Arbitrum and ZKsync). We intend to research how we can provide the NameWrapper’s capabilities to different L2 chains. Specifically, we want to list ENS names, issue subnames, and manage records on L2 by implementing CCIP. And by building an API we intend to provide a unified and easy-to-use solution for developers to easily implement ENS in their games, dapps, metaverses, etc.

If anyone is interested, the entire grant proposal can be found in our Google Doc: L2 Grant - Google Docs

The Ask

I know that ENS received a sizable grant from Ethereum Foundation in the early days, and I know there are some other amazing projects in this ecosystem that receive grants from different sources. Therefore, I wanted to ask for your opinion and feedback on what we’re trying to build and the way the grant is written. Feedback, critiques, suggestions, and DMs are very welcome! I would really really appreciate it.

Thank you. :pray:

P.S. I’ve also just applied to be an Ecosystem Steward. Even though I know my chances are slim because Slobo and Validator absolutely rock, I just couldn’t resist myself. It’s a dream job. :man_shrugging:

If case you like what you read about me, you can vote ‘for’ in here: Snapshot