Namewrapper & records

I did a Twitter space teaching the community how to use V3, and after walking people through the new & improved add/edit avatar & adding records (“edit profile”) I showed them how to wrap their 721s.

Once wrapped the 1155 records/avatar are blank, which gave everyone the chance to set the avatar and records again without the handholding.

However, I’m wondering if there might be an automated/gasless solution for this.

For example, BENSYC (bensyc.eth) gaslessly mirrors records. If you check .bensyc.eth you’ll find the subdomain automatically/gaslessly exists and the records automatically gaslessly mirror your root ens.

Ideally a 721 that already has an avatar and records set would result in a wrapped 1155 that gaslessly/automatically mirrors the 721 records. Short of that an extra tx to copy the records to the 1155 when wrapping the 721 would be a nice option.


How about using the Legacy interface ? Does that make any difference ?

It’s not a UI thing. It’s unrelated but I don’t think names can be wrapped/unwrapped through legacy manager.

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If you have an ERC-721 (unwrapped ENS name), and then wrap it (becomes ERC-1155), when you wrap it the UI will migrate the records. Since that data in the profile migration will be onchain, there is gas for that.

When L2 support rolls out this could be done and the cost be nearly gasless, plus additional setting of records would be cheaper than L1 with an L2 resolver.


Wow, I had most the records from the legacy UI set and even some custom records created. Now I have none. I think I know why. I’ll run an experiment and unwrap (I’m assuming the 721 still has my records) then wrap again using V3. Thanks

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