[Namewrapper] Statistics of adoption & rate of fuses burnt?

Since Namewrapper has come to public, I think having a statistics tool to track how many people have wrapped their name & the percentages of each fuse burnt will be very helpful!

Wondering if there is tool like that right now? Here is some thought of data can be shown:

  1. #of Total Name Wrapped / #of Total Name
  2. #of CANNOT_UNWRAP Fuse Burnt / #of Total Name wrapped
  3. #of any other fuse burnt / #of Total Name wrapped

If there is standardized way that we can keep track of these through analytical tools like Dune, that will be wonderful to monitor the adoption of Namewrapper down the road


This is a great idea. I think @matoken.eth is our resident dune wizard.


@matoken.eth provided this https://dune.com/makoto/ensnamewrapper. He mentioned there are 6 events for setFuses so some of them may have these fuses burnt