NameWrapper visual sandbox

Hi all.

Great meeting a large number of you at EthDenver.

Whilst there I discussed my views on the NameWrapper contracts with a number of you, and hacked away on a visual sandbox to try and get my head around the functionality.

Since being back in the UK, I’ve been distracted but I finally got around to polishing it off and publishing it. You can check it out here: ENS Name Wrapper Sandbox |

  • The contracts are instances of the latest audited contracts, and are deployed on Goerli.
  • To sign transactions you have to enter a mnemonic. You also need Goerli ETH. Don’t use a mnemonic that you use on any other chains. This is a sandbox.
  • Our instance of the ETH registrar controller is deployed with a 5 second minCommitmentAge so you don’t have to wait around unnecessarily.
  • Subdomains are registered for 10 minutes. Again, so its easy and quick to see how names transition through states whilst still allowing you to play with fuses etc.

If you have any suggestions for developing this further, let me know. I will likely adapt it to a secure single page registration tool when the wrapper is deployed on mainnet.


Very cool to see people hacking on the NameWrapper!

A few comments:

  • It would good to have the option to connect directly to metamask so I can connect with my account with Goerli ether already!
  • Balances don’t refresh when I send ether to the mnemonic account, but when I refresh to see the balance the mnemonic is gone (I generated a mnemonic just to play with this).
  • The contract errors are quite terse, so if this is an education tool, it might be worth trying to explain some of the errors if you can. E.g. burning PARENT_CANNOT_CONTROL on the child can’t be done until the parent has CANNOT_UNWRAP burnt
  • It would be good to have a list of names you have searched so you can swap between them.

Cool tool, and thanks for building on the wrapper!

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this is great to see!

we would love to have you present at the weekly ecosystem call.


Thanks for your feedback Jeff.

  • So the thinking here was that because of the multistep registration process it is nice to be able to just click once and have everything sign itself behind the scenes. I have now added in MetaMask/WalletConnect support.
  • I’ve added a manual refresh button, and made the balance refresh automatically on transaction confirmation.
  • On the to do list. I will add best guess explainers.
  • I have added a search history.

It’s a little unpolished in that things might bug out if your not connected to Goerli (Metamask/WalletConnect) but I’ll clean that up when I have the chance. I’m going for the ‘build in production’ given that it’s a sandbox.

Open to any other suggestions for this or other tools. will now redirect to the ENS related tools on

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I’ve spent some significant time adding more user friendly log messaging for situations where errors occur.

This makes the tool much more useful because it is now clear why exactly a transaction returned a particular error and directs the user as to how to resolve the issue.

Open to any other suggestions for improvements.