Negative subdomainCount in replies

subdomainCount is defined in the ENS Documentation as “The number of subdomains”. However, it is sometimes a negative number.

{domains (where: {name: "bosshard.eth"}) {name createdAt ttl resolvedAddress {id} owner {id} subdomainCount resolver {texts address} } }


{ "data": { "domains": [ { "name": "bosshard.eth", "createdAt": "1495005627", "ttl": null, "resolvedAddress": { "id": "0x691e3b887b9b521c6415419a7ed8c30ecacfc598" }, "owner": { "id": "0x691e3b887b9b521c6415419a7ed8c30ecacfc598" }, "subdomainCount": -3, "resolver": { "texts": null, "address": "0x4976fb03c32e5b8cfe2b6ccb31c09ba78ebaba41" } } ] } }

Note the -3 for the subdomainCount. reports that bosshard.eth has five subdomains.

Thanks, I will log this as a ticket internally for the dev team to take a look at.