Never received ENS

Hi, in late Nov I secured a new ENS address. During the transaction, it was taking forever to complete. I went to bed and the next day the names did not appear in my Argent wallet. However, the name seemed secured for the timeframe I had asked for renewal. The odds that someone else would take the same name for the same period seem small.
Cn someone help to determine if the name got hung somewhere?

Just going on the assumption that you’re referring to wondawax.eth as it was registered at the end of November as you mentioned, it looks like the name that owns it also owns 1mincrypto.eth. Is this you? If so, you were eligible for 128 ENS tokens for owning 1mincrypto.eth which was claimed on November 11th but since you registered wondawax.eth after the airdrop snapshot (31 Oct 2021) you would not be eligible for more tokens for the second name. But both .eth names are registered to you if that is you.

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