New App Preview:

There is a new preview of the new app up, just a preview, but check it out.


First of all, it’s beautiful! I love the simple homepage, and how it explains what ENS very succinctly. Is that your work Premm? I’m not sure who is leading the design at TLD now.

I’ve notice it takes a while to do some tasks like fetching a name or connecting to my wallet but I suppose that’s why it’s just a preview… Some question:

  • I’ve noticed that in the “controller” and “registrant” field, it always lists the address, and doesn’t get a name when one is available. I find this rather ironic. I understand that the the eth address field in the records should be kept as a full address, but IMHO every other point where an address is displayed should show a name when one’s available.
  • I like that the name page looks more like a profile page, with a header included. I suppose that adding the header itself to the records is coming? The natural way for a person to change the profile/header should be by clicking on a pencil icon on them, and not, as it is now, to have to add a custom text record. I suppose that’s coming?
  • I don’t see where to search for a new name once I’m on the profile page, only clicking on the back button. Should we have a search bar on the top always?
  • functionalities for registering a name etc have not been build yet. I’m curious to see how they will look like
  • Back to the avatar/header: I’d love to see the current working UI for picking an image to upload/NFT you own.
  • Does anyone know whatever happened to that terrible idea that was shared in twitter a few weeks ago of having a “lite” mode for connection? I hope it’s been lit with fire.

Not mine, but happy to spread the word!

This is basically the same as “Dapp” mode and Web2 mode, so the “lite” version actually has real value if you ask me. The current site is actually in “lite” mode, it’s just a client, no backend, and this makes is easy to decentralize.

Also if I have any influence over the design, I would recommend that we start to think of .eth as a super TLD, and we move to the second level domains as the new TLD’s. What will begin to happen very fast is that people will search for something and then see, “Not Available” on pretty much everything. Pretty much every other domain reservation system, tries to suggest alternatives, and we could do the same, so basically, name.123.eth, etc. This can happen in a trustless way with the new name wrapper contract.

If we find a way to create revenue sharing then, it could be a seamless experience both for registering names and for name owners. We can also require that name that appear on the site are registered for at least 10 years.

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I understand the difference between the modes. I disagree profoundly on how to present them to the user.

Mmm, that could also work by suggesting other names like “why don’t you try bobapp.eth or bob name.eth” but I personally dislike when a domain or username website does that. It would be interesting if there was a standard for subdomain registrars that we could integrate them here.


With DNS subdomains can never be owned by someone other than the domain owner (as far as I know) so this not a thing, so it would be a web3 thing.

The avatar appears in two places. Pardon my shameless plug, but what about a second choice of generative avatar/glyph that replaces the square box with something like this:

Treat this as a very crude idea. The ENS name appears in a unique place depending on certain features that one can define, the colour can be used as a trait etc. One can take it a step further and allow a mintable high-res version of this glyph with scrambled characters replaced by those of user’s choice + a generative GIF capturing the process (see low-res sample below; high-res version here). This could be done at a fee and proceeds for this can be routed back to DAO treasury. All of this could be made a choice of course and not enforced. People can keep the default version or choose a new basic glyph for free if they like or mint a set of high-res glyph + generative GIF for some price.


We’ve had internal discussions at TNL in the past of doing an “unlimited edition” PFP that every ENS name gets automatically. We could do “editions”, and you can choose the one you like best from any edition that the name was registered for.

This would be a great project for someone to take on with DAO funding.


The feature I am waiting for is to be able to have the avatar display in OpenSea without the name and icon overlay. That way, any domain could also be a first class NFT.


The problem with this is that someone could set this flag, then set an avatar that includes the ENS overlay for a different domain - tricking people into thinking it’s that name instead.

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Thank you for the incredibly useful feedback! Here are some itemized responses:

  1. Sluggishness@taytems has reduced excess function calls, and there may be some UI glitches with regards to the the search input on the homepage, and latency issues with the metadata service used. We will be actively monitoring & improving performance!
  2. Connecting@taytems had ported logic from the old app, and has fixed some bugs here which will be deployed shortly. We will continue to look into this. Please report which wallet app, version is being used if there are recurring issues.
  3. Using .eth names – great point, the names should be used in the Controller & Registrant fields (and maybe the truncated address shown below it). Clicking the copy button will copy the ENS name to the clipboard.
  4. Header field – yes, this record is coming soon! The spec is being worked on as we speak.
  5. Search – yes, there will be a persistent Search field in the header navigation section.
  6. Edit Profile – yes, there will be a much more intuitive way to edit records, including the header and profile picture / avatar fields.
  7. Registering – please reach out to @ensdesigner on Twitter to see a prototype of the name registration flow, which is being built out next!
  8. Selecting an NFT – we are still designing this. It is a bit more complicated because there is metadata resolution & backend work required.
  9. Lite mode – we have shelved this toggle design, and will be working with teams including Spruce, Rainbow, and WalletConnect to determine the best user experience for saved session data. It will likely look like a checkbox that is selected by default, as you’ve suggested on Twitter.

You can already add extra characters to the domain currently, so mzon.eth could become amazon.eth in the display. I think the problem of scams needs to be addressed by people like OS, with tools that show each Unicode character in a grid, and making people check accept for each character, before they can bid on a name. There are just too many ways to trick people using homoglyphs, and other methods, including using L instead of i, e.g. Lndia.eth, which looks exactly like India.eth currently in OS.


A thought is to (besides the .eth name instead of the long address - if the user has one of course) is to have a direct link to the current domain owner, whether it is on OpenSea or another platform. Makes it easer for the person looking for a specific domain to find the right page and for them to make an offer or purchase domains already listed.

I am personally not a big fan of the OpenSea overlay. I like the ENS logo but not the text part. It’s an imposition on top of my avatar that I can live without.

I love this ENS profile preview. A few notes:

  1. I noticed on mine, there are addresses that appear in the “Other records” section and not on the Addresses.
  2. The email info should be part of the top Profile, by the Twitter section, IMO.
  3. Perhaps the keywords and notice belong up there too.

What would be really nice, would be to Default the .eth domains to their respective preview sites during minting and registration. It would drive the users/owners to improve their ENS Identity.

I know it is easy to criticize and to point out ideas but overall I love where this is going.



Sir, ENS called and they want their text records back :fire::love_you_gesture:

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Ok, making it more simple. ;-D I think it’s important to feature [.eth] somewhere on the home page. .Eth is the main thing people know about.


If we want to have other TLDs we can have a drop down.


I love the look and feel of this page and project. I new to .eth and NFTs and even newer here. I set an animated .GIF as my profile for my boles.eth account – Loading Profile - ENS App – and while I can see the animated .GIF play in my browser here, it doesn’t appear to work in all browsers. Do your design allow for animation, or should I change it to a static image?

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Where do I click to see a list of the ENS names I own?

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Disregard. I changed it back to a static image.

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