Ecosystem Stewards Call - Meeting Notes - February 14, 2022

Date : 02/14/2022

Time : 1am GMT

Meeting Link :

Attendees : @Alisha.eth, @Nick.eth, @Ginge.eth, @bobjiang, @jefflau.eth, @slobo.eth,
CerealSabre, KingZee, Qi Zhou, Justin Martin, Justin Martin, Tony Olendo

Thank you all for joining! I want to highlight @BrianMillsJr.Eth & @Ginge.eth, who both took copious notes.

We covered all items on the agenda.


The initial sub working groups for ecosystem are:

  1. Integrations
  2. Hackathons
  3. Bug Bounty
  4. 3rd party projects
  5. dot eth Websites

We also agreed the the following sub-groups, proposed here, are better suited to be part of the above.

  1. Community Managed Core Tools & Services (@stevegachau.eth) → 3rd party projects
  2. Arweave Integration (@inplco) → Integrations
  3. Sub-group proposed by Dr. Qi & @bobjiang → 3rd party projects

Budget Discussion

Broadly discussed the initial budget request, will be updated to include sub-groups mentioned above. It is important to note, that a sub-group does not need a budget to exist. Likewise the existence of a sub-group does not necessarily mean it will have budget.

The budget will be going up for a snapshot vote on February 28, 2022.

Timing of future meetings

Going forward the time of these meeting will cycle between 1AM GMT on Tuesday & 7pm GMT on Monday.

Action Items

  1. Post meeting notes [complete]
  2. Post agenda for next meeting @slobo.eth
  3. Update budget @Ecosystem_Stewards
  4. Update ecosystem call schedule here @alisha.eth

Odds & Ends

It was suggested we record these meetings, folks should comment on how they feel about that.


Thanks for the update! I would have attended this meeting if it wasn’t at 2 AM CET. Having said that, right off the bat, I have three low-hanging integrations to put forward:

Arweave integration: Integrate Arweave into the avatar field and other content/text-records where it is relevant. This statement needs more context; for that keep reading.

Well-Known URI integration: Well-known URI standard is a very simple framework that allows reading of host metadata before making requests. It can be used to do cute tricks like the one some esteroids discord people pulled recently. This trick requires creating a hidden .well-known repository inside the Arweave or IPNS hashed directory, and then manipulating the files and metadata contents inside this directory. In the cute trick mentioned above, BTC payments over Lightning Network were enabled using an ENS domain stdin.eth as the router. There are possibilities to do more here, such as automatising the Well-known URI setup for generic tasks when an ENS user requests it through a text record.

lnurlp integration: This is essentially the cute trick mentioned above that requires setting a lnurlp record inside .well-known URI. Create a dedicated lnurlp text record for ENS domains and use it to demonstrate metadata routing capabilities of ENS + IPNS/Arweave.

Vanity integration: Linking this here: New App Preview: - #6 by inplco


@slobo.eth I think you should tag people (yoginth.eth, ginge.eth, Elle97 etc) who proposed the subgroups next to the main 5 subgroups. People haven’t realised yet that their subgroup has been accepted.

Several stewards are traveling today as ethdenver wraps up. We are going to move the weekly meeting to Thursday 7pm gmt.

Can you update the calendar invites for any rescheduled meetings + also for the switched timezones please?