Newbie registration problem

hi, I am new and I think I have just registered wclwong.eth but nothing happened afterwards and 6 #commit of (0.003624 ETH * 6) = 7 USD were charged.

Could you please check and advise.

Hi, looks like you haven’t done the step 3 of our registration process. Step 1 (Request to register) emits the “Commit” wait. You have to wait 1 minute (Step2) , then press “Register” event on step 3 which should emit “ReigsterWithConfig” event.

Greetings. I have a similar issue as above…

had some issues with ignorance of GAS function and 24+ hour waiting period may have
played a part in my screw up… I seem to be stuck between step 2 and 3 with a greyed out “register” button.

Point me in the right direction? Many Thanks.