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Hey everyone bro, this is our official portal:, there are almost us all the information.

Discovering this ENS treasure community with nervousness and excitement, I want to share with you the works we have polished for Web3 Social in the past half a year
Let’s discuss with you why our social assets and relationships should be richer, more refined, more powerful, more decentralized, safer and more durable, and more able to impress fans and customers…

Wondering why we’re called Nextme
Next me => Nextme => Focus on people, not just links.

Nextme is committed to bringing data and social life to life,building a rich Web3 social traffic and distribution portal, aiming to become a social portal and user-generated content (UGC) dating community driven by decentralized relationship protocols.

Nextme mainly serves creators and brand owners. With personalized and exquisite templates, one-stop delivery, and instant sharing of your Web3 social portal, you can connect, create, interact, trade, and make profits in the community square, so that social data rights belong to all holders, so that platform traffic advertising and portrait revenue can be fed back to all active individuals through decentralized agreement settlement.

Beta Showcase
Nextme has been in public beta for more than a month, and the number of wallet users is close to 100,000. Over 87,700 users have created and shared their own portal, and over 30,300 users have claimed official Social3 DID SBT. At the same time, it has also established cooperation or strategic acceleration relationships with 100+ excellent partners such as ENS, Lens, BNB, OKX, Element, Cointime, Rainbow, thirdweb, JpegPalace, BuidlerDAO, SeeDAO, PermaDAO, TokenPocket, CoolWallet, DeBox, bit, etc. In addition, Nextme also attracted the use and word-of-mouth communication of blue-chip Holders such as BAYC, Azuki, Punks, etc. in the early days, in multiple vertical fields (Crypto & Web3, Brand & IP, NFT, photographers, designers, bloggers, developers, Wallet, DAO, Finance, Infra, etc.) have a certain audience and a number of KOLs (1 million + fans) for trial and fission growth.

For more information, see the official portal
Beta Showcase Gallery

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Perhaps you would be interesting in sharing more information about Nextme during an upcoming ENS Ecosystem working group call. The meetings take place every Thursday at Noon ET (4PM UTC).

If you are interested, contact any of the ENS Ecosystem stewards: @slobo.eth, @Limes, and @Yambo.


ok, nice, thanks daylon buddy! @daylon.eth
I will try to contact ENS Ecosystem stewards now.

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Done :slight_smile: