Nick Should Donate Nick.eth to set an example | ENS- Fairy NBA.ETH, 🏳️‍🌈.eth & More

My idea emerges from the ENS fairy proposal. As we know ENS Fairy aims to make it easier for celebrities and brands to onboard into ENS. On twitter many argued against it and that it is unfair for the DAO to do so. Moreover this comes from a lot of squatters who hold 1000s of quality domains.

To be clear, I back the idea of ENS fairy and completely support it. But looking it from a holder’s perspective, ENS fairy is unfair for many. While the message is clear and supportive of ENS, it needs to reach them and someone has to set an example.

Since @nick.eth is a staunch supporter of this idea I propose that he set a precedent by giving up Nick.eth to Nickelodeon, who had shown some interest to enter web3 previously.

To make it clear for the uninformed there are a few ENS domains that have been taken down by Open sea because of Trademark issues, Nick also falls in it in a way. While it’s a common name, Nickelodeon hold the Trademark for the word “NICK”.

Last year the holder of NBA.eth gifted his domain for free to NBA so they could be onbaorded to web3 and use it. It was applauded by many in the community that time since the domain could have easily been worth 7 figs. He set a pretendant for how you can contribute to the DAO, without making 100s of DAO proposals and what not. Last year @ENSPunks.eth wished to donate :rainbow_flag:.eth and show his support for the community in his own way.

There are a few more examples like these and these people are all thinking in the interest of ENS and .eth adoption by setting an example.

While I know @nick.eth has all the rights to decide what he would like to do, but as the prime representative of ENS DAO, and a staunch supporter of ENS fairy to onboard popular brads and celebrities - I think Nick should do this and set an example for the rest of us.

You can’t advocate something and at the same time not demonstrate how or why it should be done. Nick has earned Millions out of ENS Labs, I think he can atleast do this much to show support for his own idea.

Even Vitalik is generous enough to have donated more than $1B for India’s Covid Relief, I think Nick can do this small bit, set a precedent for the rest of us and show us he’s selfless keeping the DAO’s interest above his own :saluting_face:

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Nick has the right to do whatever he wishes to, but if he donates the domain, sure it’d set an example.

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@nick.eth no comment?

I think this would be the right thing to do unless there are contracts tied to that domain. Not a moral issue, but a marketing one.


no doubt, if a person can donate nba.eth for FREE, it’s a no-brainer that Nick, ENS lead, can do the same sending a strong message

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I’m not really interested in engaging with a bad-faith argument from a pair of sock puppet accounts, inplco.