Not eligible for airdrop

I registered a ENS name and got that step completed. Now when I go and connect my wallet it gives me the error “not eligible for airdrop”. My wallet shows my new name but I am not sure if I am doing something wrong?

You needed to have had the name registered on or before Oct 31st.

I saw your posting on news today so just registered it.
Can I get airdrops?

I’m having the exact same problem. I registered an ENS name and step completed but it says “not eligible for airdrop”.

My wallet too shows my name.

I used coinbase wallet. Let me know if this can be fixed.

Mee too
Please help me for this issue
What do i do ??

I cannot claim because I have a my ethereum wallet printed on paper. I have the private key, but not the 24 word pass phrase.

I can use the private key to see my wallet and transfer into or out of it but I cannot connect to the claiming page via a web3 wallet. The MEW app won’t accept the private key. The web extensions mew CX is not a choice on the claiming site. How can I claim the airdrop?

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