Notes: ENS Office Hours Twitter Space - Jan 5th, 2023 @ 5PM ET

Notes from ENS Office Hours Twitter Space - Thursday, January 5, 2023 @ 5PM ET | Recording

Hosted by @sadaf.eth, @alisha.eth, and @zadok7

This was the first space of the year - an opportunity for builders in the ENS community to share what projects they are working on. 350 people tuned in to listen.

Several builders took the stage to share a bit about what they are working on.

A summary of the projects shared is below, as well as a few additional projects sent to me through direct message on Twitter.


  • ENS DAO Newsletter (pinned tweet)
    The latest from ENS and ENS DAO, published every 1st and 15th.
    We are about to pass 250 subscribers on Substack! Can we reach 300 before our 1-year anniversary (March 1st)?
    Links: Website | Twitter
    Contact: Daylon, Marcus

    Full service brokerage / Auction house/ Live auctions. Ens Asset management.
    Links: Twitter | Website
    Contact: Zerozerocoins.Eth

  • Teller
    Teller lets users borrow/lend using any token/NFT as collateral.
    We are building a pool for users to get yield on $ENS and 999/10k ENS digit .eth names with zero liquidation risk.
    Links: Twitter | Website
    Contact: @0xmakerlee

  • 1W3 (pinned tweet)
    No-Code Web3 Site builder.
    A one-stop solution to design, build and publish a web3site on IPFS ArWeave for your ENS Domains.
    Links: Twitter | Website
    Contact: @1W3io

  • Redletter.eth (pinned tweet)
    An intuitive Web3 project - mint your precious moments onchain.
    Links: Twitter | Website
    Contact: @Redlettereth

  • Mailchain (pinned tweet)
    Web3 email & messaging for everyone.
    Links: Twitter | Website
    Contact: Tim B, Rob De Feo

  • ensentral.eth (ENSentral) (pinned tweet)
    Podcasts. Videos. Articles. And More.
    We’re covering the future of Web3 & blockchain technology!
    Links: Twitter | Website
    Contact: @ENSentral

  • EnsEspañol.eth (pinned tweet)
    Pasión por el idioma español.
    Exclusive site for categorization of Spanish domains.
    Links: Twitter | Website
    Contact: @ENSesp

  • AWEdacity (pinned tweet)
    The FIRST Women’s Empowerment Conference in the METAVERSE!!!
    Come and ignite your passion & fuel your AWEdacious goals.
    Links: Website
    Contact: metadipity.eth

  • MetaTicket.eth
    Bringing the power of ticket buying back into the hands of the fans.
    Links: Twitter | Website
    Contact: MrsMarvel.eth

  • :headphones:club.eth (pinned tweet)
    ENS Subdomains, are magic.
    Plays an audio file linked from content field. But imagine a fork of this concept that used the notice field to create a decentralized audio messaging system.
    Links: Website
    Contact: :zero::negative_squared_cross_mark::man_mage:t3:.eth

  • ENSLatino.ETH
    Tu nombre y marca en Web3 dentro de la Comunidad Latina
    Features a 90 minute morning show every 9am Eastern on Twitter.
    Links: Twitter | Website
    Contact: @ENSLatino

  • ENS Friday Night Happy Hour
    A virtual island bar to hang out and relax, with NO work-related discussion allowed. Hosted on Twitter Spaces.
    Links: Twitter
    Contact: nftverz.eth

  • Weekly ENS Spaces Calendar (pinned tweet)
    A weekly calendar to keep track of the various ENS-related spaces happening on Twitter.
    Links: Twitter
    Contact: Steven Miller

  • ENS Wake & Bake
    A space that talks about ENS, education, and onboarding.
    Links: Twitter | Website
    Contact: Dubie.eth, GetHype.Eth

  • ENS DAO Merch store (pinned tweet)
    The official ENS merchandise store - currently offering ENS logo hats. More products coming soon!
    Links: Website
    Contact: General Magic

  • DMGData
    DMGData - Web3 digital marketing and data service provider.
    DBrands - Web3 domain name aggregator and trading platform.

    Links: Twitter
    Contact: KATA DMGDATA

  • ENS Trading Post (ENSTP.eth)
    Your friendly neighborhood ENS Trading Post.
    Links: Twitter

  • ENS Maxis
    The first ENS PFP Avatar is here!
    Links: Twitter | Website
    Contact: @ENSMaxisNFT

  • Console
    We are a web3 chat + dao tooling platform. We verify user identity on the blockchain for a more secure experience. At Console, we are integrating .eth names, as community admins can choose ens as a community gating rule.
    Links: Twitter | Website
    Contact: @consoledao

Be sure to join in the next ENS DAO Twitter space on Monday at 5pm ET, as we introduce our new and returning stewards.

If you are interested in contributing to ENS, please join the space or attend a working group call, which will begin next week.

Special thanks to @dr3a.eth for sharing notes.

I’ll make sure to share this over on Twitter. I only caught half the space earlier but it’s great to see this happening!

A great turn out and it’s always good to see a regular presence in the trenches (Twitter spaces) by ENS Labs and Co !



Thank you @sadaf.eth @alisha.eth and @zadok7 for the opportunity to present 1W3 in ENS Office Hours Twitter spaces. 1W3 beta is live, ENS holders can now easily have their web3site live on the decentralized web.



Thank you for sharing your project!


Welcome @hidayath.eth and glad to hear about the launch! :partying_face: Very cool to hear.

For you, and anyone else reading, the Ecosystem WG calls resume next week Thursday (12th at noon ET). It’s a great place for builders to share what/how they are building with ENS. No pressure to present, but you are welcome to attend and share if you’d like. It’s open to anyone to join.

For any projects reading this and interested in sharing, @slobo.eth(lead steward of Ecosystem WG) is a great point of contact for that. Here’s a link to past meetings/notes/agendas: Meetings - ENS DAO Governance Forum

Here is the ENS DAO Calendar (which has meeting times).
The ENS DAO Term 3 Dashboard is also super helpful.

Looking forward to maybe seeing you and others join!


Great job putting this together!

Looking forward to next monday!