Notes: GasHawk x ENS Twitter Space - Jan 17th, 2023 @ 1PM ET

Notes GasHawk x ENS Twitter Space - January 17th, 2023 @ 1PM ET

A space to talk about GasHawk, ENS, and product synergies.

Featuring @sadaf.eth and @zadok7 from ENS Labs, and Dan and Daniel from GasHawk.

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Daniel, GasHawk: Leading the GasHawk team, building the front and backend database.

What does GasHawk do to save gas fees?

GasHawk is a service that takes your signed transactions and holds them until the Ethereum gas fee falls below GasHawk’s prediction. GasHawk uses several specialized algorithms to chose the most cost-effective time to execute the transaction on your behalf.

What projects are implementing ENS that you are excited about?

Sadaf, ENS Labs:
.art is a DNS name that is fully imported in ENS. They are hoping to onboard the entire art community. GasHawk is exciting because it is a project designed to save people money.

Vincent, ENS Labs:
The Name Wrapper is a highly anticipated update coming soon. It was just put onto the Goerli testnet. It will help to build a lot of community, allowing for issuing subdomains.

Dan, GasHawk:
What is the best way to keep the ENS community updated and some ways to get involved?

Protocol integrations are what catches my eye the most, although I am not a developer. We often have discussions with builders working to grow the ENS ecosystem through integrations.

The ENS DAO Newsletter is a great resource to stay up to date and involved with ENS. I would encourage everyone to try, in their own way, to contribute to ENS how they can. Just being involved goes a long way.

What are some ways that GasHawk is keeping users safe?

GasHawk can be used to save on gas fees for transactions managing permission revocations through services like

Users can now use Tenderly to simulate transactions that are stored in their GasHawk quene to see if it could potentially fail before being executed.

We have a feature that checks your transaction against your wallet balance just before sending it out to ensure that it will be successful. This saves users from a potential mistake that could lead to a failed transaction cost. This also prevents users from being stuck in the mempool if they were to accidentally send a transaction they didn’t intend to.

Do you have any plans for after the Name Wrapper is released?

dm3 is potentially looking at ways to utilize it. GasHawk is a product being built under the Corpus brand along with dm3 and We are really excited across the Corpus landscape to continue implementing with ENS.

How can I gain access to using dm3?

Mayra, Community Manager, dm3 & GasHawk:
You can try it out on our site at We are currently working on an interoperability initiative to reach out for integrations. Reach out if you are interested in working together to integrate with dm3.