October DAO Voting Window

October DAO Voting Window

Proposals currently progressing through the governance forum will be put to a vote on November 3rd.

Executable proposals have a seven-day voting window. Social proposals have a five-day voting window.


Continuing our initiative of batching proposals to simplify the governace process, we’ll be putting at least two execitable proposals up for voting in the coming days

Expected Proposals

Title and Forum Link Description
[EP 4.5] [Executable] Endowment permissions to karpatkey - Update #3 This proposal introduces new actions and strategies to the Endowment with the aim of enhancing diversification and adapting to current market conditions. Notable additions include ETH-neutral strategies involving Liquid Staking Protocols and established Money Markets.
[[EP 4.6] [Executable] October 2023 Working Group Funding] This proposal executes all three Working Group funding requests for the October 2023 funding window as passed in EP 4.4.1, EP 4.4.2, and EP 4.4.3.

Potential Proposals

Title and Forum Link Description

*This approach is a response to the feedback we received, so please continue to share comments and ideas with us as we iterate.