On Property rights and threat models for ENS

Minor update on the threat analysis:

Maximum possible threat score: 7.0


Do we know how this distribution compares to other somewhat similar DAOs? Are we in the middle of the bell curve on this, or are we a deviation?

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Gitcoin, EPNS, OHM plot coming soon for comparisons :love_you_gesture:

Gitcoin vs. ENS

ENS is quite a lot secure than Gitcoin. It doesn’t show as much in the difference in index values (-0.23 vs -0.30) but it is significant. For instance, ENS needs at least 4 colluding delegates (3 combinations possible) to “attack” the DAO whereas Gitcoin can be overtaken by as few as 2 delegates (9 combinations possible!). Whelps! Huge shoutout to ShowKarma.xyz and @mmurthy for the data; there is more where it came from :dizzy:


This is a good argument for having delegates that do not agree on all things. Diversity of opinions breeds stronger communities.