Onboard Businessmen to ENS

As a new product,

Ens Domains encounter the normal barriers for adoption. We, as insiders, know their capabilities and Potential.

But when I talk to Businessmen about them, either they don’t answer or say they don’t trust.

When a salesman goes to a client, there are 2 things necessary for having a successful sell:

  1. Talk about specifications of the product.
  2. Show them the product.

So far we got the first step well covered. But the second one, not so sure.

For Businessmen to see ENS Domains as Domains, need to see something built on them. But not just anything, has to be something Complex/Difficult.

What are the most Complex things built on domains?

I would say:

  1. Social Platforms
  2. Marketplaces

As long as they don’t see Complex things built on them, there will not be institutional adoption or investment.

Thanks for your time.

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Thanks for writing @UnknownENS
I love the possible business use cases the ENS protocol brings to the table. One really exciting feature being deployed is the new NameWrapper contract. I suspect we’ll see many builders creating platforms and projects based off of the new fuse permissions within the new NameWrapper contract.

One of the devs working on the NameWrapper gave a scenario that I thought was pretty interesting:

Allowing subname owners access to an airbnb, which expires automatically at the end of their stay, and only allows them access to 2/3 of the rooms that they paid for.

Ref: https://twitter.com/_jefflau/status/1596670787762950144

I know a lot of the community is super excited about the NameWrapper. I think once that’s rolled out, the use-cases created are going to be amazing!

If you haven’t done so already, joining the weekly ENS Ecosystem Working Group meeting is really helpful. Projects building on top of ENS often come to present and share what they are creating. The meeting time, agenda, and link gets posted here: 🌱 ENS Ecosystem - ENS DAO Governance Forum

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Marketplace: check out ENSVision or opensea. Both integrate ENS as a username.

Social Platform: check out nftychat. You literally don’t make a profile and your ens domain is your username it’s really cool


Thank you @zadok7 for your reply.

I’m also bullish on Subdomains and possible use cases.

Also I appreciate the invitation.

Sadly, if I go to a Company or any Business with this information, they will tell me to come back when Subdomains are released to show them a demonstration.

You see, they receive big amount of salesman everyday and most of them tell wonders of the product or service they are selling. But these “Sharks” don’t fall for promises even if the Product comes from Ethereum.

So, it’s like going to war without guns.

Hi @Limes,


both Opensea and Ensvision integrate your ENS.

But that Flex is worth to equal the price of the .com Domain version?

There are about 28 million visitors per month on Opensea, 600K on Ensvision. Still small amount 🫤

About the Nftychat, sounds really awesome. I will visit ASAP :slightly_smiling_face::fire:

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Strongly agreed on the ENS should have more Social Platforms Dapps!
That’s why we built ThePlaza - Crypto Twitter logged in with ENS.

Two advantages for ENS:

  • Only real ENS name holders community
  • No scammers or fraud account

Hi @water3_eth ,

That sounds amazing.

And yes,

We need more Utility for our ENS and support developers because they are the Core for ENS to be successful.


Any feedback is appreciated, here, on telegram, or on nftychat. I’m one of the co-founders of nftychat.

Thanks @Limes


Hey thanks @slobo.eth ,

I Will do that for sure.

And only constructive criticism :raised_hand:.

See you there :handshake:

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Excuse me delegates, leaders and members,

I’m no developer.

Would you be kind enough to orient me?

Which programming language is needed to build on
.com domains? Is it different for .xyz , .app , .io ?

And is solidity the required language for building on .eth domains?

Will appreciate the answer :slightly_smiling_face:



You can use any Web programming language to build websites addressed in any top-level domain.
Personally, I recommend using HTML + CSS + TypeScript in some framework that can help accelerate development (we use React) but that is not the only option, and what’s best depends in part on what you/your team knows and what other technologies/components you might want to integrate.
You’ll need to figure out hosting separately from ENS, though help for decentralized hosting on IPFS is available through e.g. Valist and Spheron.

Solidity is the most popular language for building smart contracts that can interact with the ENS registry on-chain. It has the biggest ecosystem and most available support/tooling, though it’s not the only option, and Vyper might be better if your background is deep into Python and not into JavaScript. However, on-chain smart contract interactions are different than building a website.

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I really appreciate the orientation @unblockreceipts.eth .

Surprisingly, understood most of the explanation.

This information gives me where to start.

Thanks again for all the help on this.