Onboarding Impact Makers using ENS


I’m Carlos Melgar, long time ENS enjoyoooooor. I’m very active in Nouns, Optimism and Gitcoin ecosystems.

I’m on a personal mission to onboard impact makers around the world. By onboarding people, businesses, and organizations creating real impact, I hope to create a adoption rooted in impact instead of speculation.

ENS has been one of the tools I use to onboard. I’ve gifted dozens of domains and even helped teams retrieve their domains from squatters, greenpill.eth for example.

I’d also like to thank @validator.eth for trusting in me and contributing 1ETH during Devcon Bogota. Also apologies for being so late with reporting impact :sweat_smile:

I’m trying to do a better job at tracking my work so I thought it would be fitting to use this forum to update some of my work as I go.

This is El Chico De Las Plantas, he’s new onchain. I’ll be working with him to replicate “Impact Onboarding” strategies I’ve used with Web3beach.

I’d like to clarify that this is all volunteer work and have never tried to sell an ENS to any of the entities I have onboarded. I’m using ENS as a tool to educate on Ethereum based identity and a public good.

You can keep track of my work at https://twitter.com/carlosjmelgar


Here’s another one! He’s a talented artist and one of the Spider Man in Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse. He has 109K followers on Twitter and 271K on Instagram.

More details here: https://twitter.com/carlosjmelgar/status/1771285956869362098

I would really appreciate your support in sharing and giving him a warm welcome.

I grabbed two ENS Domains for him to prevent scammers/ squatters.

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