Onboarding Women in Web3 - Bootcamp

Hello ENS DAO community,

We would like to introduce ourselves, we are Women biz, a community created by women to empower women in emerging technologies like web3.

We are currently running a "Women in web3" bootcamp, a free, gamified 6-week program in Spanish for LATAM. We have had +430 women apply and we have 200 scholarship recipients.

Every week the participants have challenges and interact with different platforms. We would like to be able to collaborate with ENS DAO, we have already taught you about ENS in our first class. You can check it out in the class broadcast of youtube at minute 2:24:00.

We would like to be able to provide some ENS licenses to the best participants in collaboration with you.

We look forward to your response and support for this project.

Thank you


Hola, gracias por su interés y bienvenidos al foro de gobierno. Le sugiero que se ponga en contacto con el líder actual del grupo de trabajo de ‘Public Goods’. Me refiero a @vegayp y le propongo que presente su proyecto en una llamada la próxima semana.


Thank you so much. I will contact with him.