One Year Anniversary POAP Paint Party

Come join the fun as we celebrate the 1 year anniversary of the ENS DAO. This a jam packed stream happening on youtube. Special guests include ENS Labs members,,, builders of great repute, GitPOAP, ethstaker, and much much more.

Mark Your Calendar :partying_face::tada::balloon:

Chicago / CT:              November 8, 2PM - 4PM
London / GMT + 0:          November 8, 8PM - 10PM
New Zealand / NZDT:        November 9, 9AM - 11AM

YouTube Stream:

youtube stream link: ENS DAO 1 Year Anniversary Celebration - YouTube

POAP Canvas

What does a POAP Paint Party Look Like?

This was the result of the merge paint party, full stream can be seen here.

ENS DAO Canvas is going to epic!


Could be a lot of fun! Will be keen to check it out. I can I share this on Twitter ?

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100%, we have a tweet coming out today from the ens dao account


Can’t wait :slight_smile: