OpenAI API Key App Competition

I was invited to take part in a competition to develop something.
Information about the competition is in this tweet
All participants are required to post updates in this discord.
Feel free to follow along. Begins on April 16 2023.

Project: Ethereum Asset Association Attestation

Description: I will be building a public good for EVM chains. I will be using an OpenAI API Key with services like Open-Interpreter as an assistant to explore it’s capabilities of Ethereum development and ability to utilize up to date frameworks and libraries without having to explicitly instruct via prompts to reference specific libraries.

When finished I hope to have a fully functional public good that allows you to attest that Ethereum assets across multiple EO or Contract Accounts are associated with a main account by using deterministic UID or URI referencese across layer 1 and 2 networks and that each associate account or asset is signed by the EOA on or off chain. Plans also include integrating Ethereum Name Service to also associate DNSSEC imported assets to show relations of sister or satellite sites within the domain space.

It would be great to have support from the ENS Community by voting for my project in the ENS Small Grants Round to help me achieve this goal.

Personal Github: accessor-io · GitHub
Attestation Library : Ethereum Attestation Service · GitHub
Ethereum Name Service: Ethereum Name Service (ENS) · GitHub
ENS DAO Disscussion Forum:

Models intended to use: TBA