Opportunity for ENS with the upcoming ETH<>ICP direct integration?

Hello everybody! I’m new to the ENS ecosystem (just picked up by name recently) and its great to be here.

Wanted to bring up the upcoming ICP<>ETH integration happening over on the Internet Computer blockchain (this is where my team builds). The short version is that it will enable smart contracts on the IC to call into Ethereum (create TX) without private keys, no bridge, no WETH.

The Dfinity team is finalizing the ICP<>BTC integration now and will be moving onto ETH post go-live. I’ve attached links to both forum posts below. More information is available on BTC thread at the moment but fundamentals are the same.

BTC Integration
ETH Integration

I don’t have any specific action items or recommendations at the moment. Lacking the in-depth knowledge of ENS many of you have I just wanted to spark the conversation, see what the community thinks and if you all have any creative ideas.

Anyway thanks again for reading!