Organigram / visualisation of the DAO (Working Groups & Sub-groups)

This is idea came to me during the Community Working Group call today (25/02/2022), looking for support and ideas from your all.

Some of us are visual learners and I have been following the expansion of the DAO into the various Working Groups and the sub-groups within these Working Groups.

Super exciting times, but hard to follow all the new sub-structures and who is who within them… so here is a proposal to create an organigram / Organizational chart of some form.

A visual representation of the DAO in its current structure that shows the current Working Groups and the sub-groups within… giving a visual high-level overview of the DAO.

Some features I am considering just now:

  • There within there could be the listed names of the Stewards for each Working Group.
  • A dynamic image / tool would be good, as these are evolving at this time and will continue to evolve (as Stewards change but also the overall structure).
  • There are interactive tools that have been created within the holocratic/horizontal organisations (roles and domains) and so we don’t have to ‘reinvent the wheel’
  • Potential also to have TNL connection included so it can be obvious the distinction between the ENS DAO and the TNL company.
  • Facilitation of on-boarding of new users especially for visual learners like myself.

Example of a holocracy ‘circles’ visualisation:

<image credit:>


Some of the digital tools I have come across just now - not FOSS and have paid plans - for consideration (this is not endorsement)




This one is FOSS:

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Thank you, @NicLaz.eth these are super helpful!

With our use of the Orca Protocol if this structure might be more apparent.

Lets get a chart on our Community Dashboard in the interim. We should have a list of subgroups that are receiving funding soon.